Sep 21 2013

Fun In The Studio

October 1st, Indefinable on iTunes and everywhere else!

Sep 17 2013

No Punches


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Sep 13 2013

No Church Out Now

While Jus Mic puts the final touches on the official debut album Indefineable the lead single No Church has been made available on most major music sites including Amazon, iTunes, Google Music Store, Last.FM, Rhapsody, Xbox Music and many other outlets. [bd_separator]

Purchase No Church on iTunes now

The year 2013 has been productive for Jus Mic, who has returned to the music scene full force, with a whole new game plan.  Jus Mic has continued to fuse classic R & B and new, innovative sounds, paired with poetic word play, to deliver his latest a project:  his debut album “Indefinable.”  Jus Mic will end the summer, preluding the albums October 1st, 2013 release date, with the release of the album’s lead single, “No Church,” followed by the video.  For more information, access to photos, and past or current materials, please visit Jus Mic’s new website,